Using Virtualization to Study for A+ Exam

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I plan on getting A+ certified since I got some time off until I head back in the summer for college to do my final course for my technical certification. I read somewhere that in addition to self-studying from books, you could also use virtualization software to study up on the Windows 7, XP, and Vista portions that are on the exam. Is it a good idea to use virtualization when studying for A+ exams?


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    If you want to get acquainted w/ the different OSes then it would be a great option.
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    That is a good idea, with Virtualbox and VMware Player you can build environments for studying for most certs, the A+ included.
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    Smart move! I wish I would have thought of doing that back in the day.
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    Well, I downloaded a iso file for Windows XP and got it to work in my VMWare workstation. Now, I'm downloading one for Vista. I got a Samsung laptop running Windows 7, so I'll play around with that. I got two A+ study material in the mail (CompiaTIA Complete Deluxe Study Guide and Exam Cram Authorized Practice Questions). Both are for the 801-802 exams, waiting for the Exam Cram (6th edition) and the Darril Gibson's CompTIA A+ Training Kit to arrive. I'm going to start studying this weekend.
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