CISA Exam application , HR signed the application

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Hi Friends ,I had passed exam and finally decided to apply for certification . I have all necessary experience etc ,but my application was singed by HR Director ( company policy that all experience etc is verified by HR consulting my superior and his boss).Is it ok to have HR signed you verification section ?Regards,talksec


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    Here is a fact, the online application says that the person should have supervised the applicant, if you download the form to fill offline, it says that the person should be the supervisor or be in a position to certify the experience. So either way the HR director is one of the better people to say what you get paid for. So if that person has signed the form they very well should be knowing what they are signing up on that form.

    Guys if you so are unsure of who can sign a form or not get some further experience in life, look at the larger picture, have some confidence in life, you are meant to find issues and make recommendations to organisations. With such questions you do not demonstrate the depth that may be needed to do the job. I am not being critical of the question but really this should be the simplest situation that you could have tackled!

    Another fact is the till you get the certification approved you are not allowed to use CISA in your credentials. Apologies if it seems harsh but is very upfront reply to your question.
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