70-680 Confused

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So I am studying for this exam now. I am wondering should I still take it? I have my MTA's and A+ and Net + but am confused as I read differing opinions. I do recognize that most corporate entities will probably not go over to 8 anytime soon but still wonder should I still take this exam? Thanks for any response/advice in advance.


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    I was in a similar situation with the MTA's and I wanted a higher-level cert. Windows 7 will remain valuable in the market for a long time to come, and I think a certification like the MCSA is a great way to put some of your skills on paper (assuming you're willing to do the 70-685 or 70-686 as well). You used to get an MCTS just for the 70-680 but I believe that was discontinued.

    If I were you, I'd go for the MCSA Win 7.
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    I'd say go for it as well. Some companies are still migrating Windows XP to Windows 7. And even if you don't want to do the exam, the material is still really good. It'll make you better at your job if you know how to work better and faster with your OS.

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