Learning bands, channels, power levels, etc.

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I've been reading the Cisco Quick Reference Guide, and there seems to be a lot of numbers memorization pertaining to bands, channels, output power, EIRP maximums, etc. For example, here's an exerpt from the QRG:

In the 5 GHz band, the rules depend on the sub band. All four bands are allowed for indoor WLANs, but UNII-1 is not allowed for
outdoor WLANs. In the UNII-1 band, output power should not exceed 50 mW (17 dBm), with 22 dBm EIRP maximum. In the UNII-
2 band, output power should not exceed 250 mW (24 dBm), with 29 dBm EIRP. In the UNII-2 extended and the UNII-3 bands, output power should not exceed 1 W (30 dBm), with 36 dBm EIRP. All 5 GHz bands use the 1:1 rule.

Is this typical of what one needs to learn for the test, or is it just a detailed example?


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    If it's in book it's probably going to be fair game. I took original CCNA: W exam so I'm not sure what the never versions look like.

    You will want to be familiar the RF, as the RF is the layer 1 physical layer of wireless. Including the difference in the RF bands, 2.4 Ghz vs 5Ghz and UNII-1/2/3
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    Yeah - I guess I'll find out if I need all the detail eventually. I think I'm going to get the official textbook to study. IMHO, the Quick Reference Guide is dumping too much concentrated detail on me too fast, and I need time to soak in the info in small bites, especially since I'm brand new to wireless. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed.

    On a side note, a community college here offers an "introduction to wireless" class with hands-on training that I think would be perfect for me at this stage. I just hope I can afford it. icon_scratch.gif
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    bobfromfplbobfromfpl Member Posts: 104
    Dont forget to check out Cisco Validated Design (CVD) documents or I believe it was previously known as Solutions Reference Network Design (SRND) for their latest technology and product implementations. I dont know much about wireless but I thought I recalled someone mention there isn't alot of study material so I hope this may help.

    Here's a link to point you in the direction if you care to research further!
    Design Zone for Mobility - Cisco Systems
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