Esxi lab MSCA but with remote access needed

I am looking at setting up a esxi lab at home to study for the MCSA 2012 and am looking for suggestions on my plan of attack. A lot of the hardware I own already so more of a reusing.

i5 2400k
12gb ram (plan on bumping to 24 eventually)
2x 128 kingston ssd's
8gb usb flash drive
Win 7 for client
Server 2012 number of vms depending on labs but thinking average of 3-4.

I plan on installing the free VMware vSphere Hypervisor on the usb drive then use Workstation 10 on my surface pro to manage the clients. One thing I would really like is the ability to access my lab while at work as I study there sometimes when its slower but that is my biggest problem of a easy solution that is secure.

The server is behind 2 routers one is the cable company one that my roomate/his gf use then I have a linksys e2000 with dd-wrt for my stuff (wd nas, wdtv live, laptop, esxi box) I was thinking setup a fulltime vm of win 7 and install hamachi for remote access it seems like the easiest way to get secure access from anywhere. Any suggestions on a easier way?


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