JNCIA JUNOS to supplement CCNA

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Is it worth acquiring to supplement CCNA? I don't have any networking role experience. I've spent a number of years doing tech support (6 years) so spent the last 4 months studying for my CCNA to try and break away from tech support roles. I understand the CCNA is an entry level networking qualification but would it be a good idea to go down juniper route or Windows Server 2008 MCSA?



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    What do you want to do most, server admin work or networking? MCSA 2008 is probably more likely to (along with your experience) get you bumped up into something more than a helpdesk type role if you apply yourself. On the other hand, if you're looking to focus on networking the JNCIA-Junos will be more suited to that. Juniper jobs are more of a niche market though. I should also warn you that if you pursue the Juniper route, you might be left with a desire to never touch a Cisco device again after you get to experience how great Junos is. :D
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    Hey thanks for the reply dude, appreciate the advice. Not too sure about never touching a cisco device again though lol
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