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I recently finished upgrading my MCSE from win2k to 2003 thank god. so now im free to concentate on my CCNP. Can i get peoples ideas please on the best books to buy for the routing exam??? also i have 2 cisco 3810s , will these do or should i buy more or even a switch?

appreciate any help


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    Congrats on your MCSE,

    I found the best book for the routing exam was the Ciscopress Self study series, if you have a foudning knowledge already use the exam certification guide, if not start with the self study guide. A lot of people would reccomend Sybex and while I like the Sybex series the BSCI one just doesnt cut the mustard IMHO! 2 3800's you lucky person! however a couple more is ideal as two routers inst enough to practice a lot of the routing stuff especially BGP stuff. switch will be usefull but not really urgent for routing but will be for switching module, infact 2 really to do trunking etc. 2950 is the most cost effective option or 3550 if you have the budget

    Good luck
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    coolacoola Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks for that. i have a ccna s you can see. is that enough of a grounding knowledge to just go and do the exam cert bool or do you think i should read the big book first. along with the 3800s , i have decided to buy 2 other routers, what ones do you think should suffice for me??? what are the most cost effective that will do the job for me
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