Passed Written this morning, the clock is ticking!

JayrodEFJayrodEF Member Posts: 111 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hey all,
I don't post a lot around here, but had to share that I passed the CCIE written this morning! I'll have to cling to the saying that 'a pass is a pass' as I just squeaked by, but I'll take it! Obviously it was v4, but I figured I'd get that part of it out of the way and start cramming and labbing with as much v5 material is available and keep going as more comes out. I'm planning on June 2015 for my first lab attempt and will have enough $$ for 2 attempts at that point, hopefully won't need but the one. I'm always reading through posts here on this forum, so a big thanks to all those that post the details of their journey!


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