More recruiters are getting familiar with GIAC Certs

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Last fall, as I went through the job fairs here in the DC area, I was getting frustrated as I had to explain to them that I was going for the GSLC cert.

Many of them only repeated "must have CISSP" over and over again and many had never heard of GIAC. One was so confident, he said "I know all the certs that our DoD clients accept and I've never heard of GIAC."

I've been pointing those recruiters to search out DoD 8570 acceptable certifications and to ensure they are looking at certification charts posted on .mil or .gov websites.

Since I'd gotten my cert, I have had a flood of interviews (about 2 per day last week) and a job offer I had to turn down (they told me their client is ready to make an offer but they made a mistake on their budget and are offering about $13K less than what we initially agreed on).

The last face to face interview I had, the interviewer said he, the security manager, PM and CIO all have GSLCs.

Today, I was at a clearance job fair and maybe two out of 10 recruiters recognized the GIAC certs. (lot better than NONE from the past fall).

Either I'm just noticing these things now that I have the cert, or maybe recruiters are getting wise and looking for other certs than the knee-jerk, CISSP to fill positions.


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    I'd agree with you on this BillHoo; SANS just posted something to their LinkedIn yesterday (I think) about companies on Dice that are specifically looking for people with GIACs.

    Between last year and this year, with all the media fanfare with hacks and breaches, I think companies are looking for people who specialize in many of the offerings that SANS/GIAC has (intrusion analyst, incident handling, forensics, etc). So this is relatively 'new' to a majority of companies, but they realize they need to step up their game to avoid becoming a statistic.
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    Interesting information, I live in the same area as you and work for DoD as well, and I plan to pursue some GIAC stuff myself after the going for my CISM.
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