Accused eBay Bully Allegedly Terrorizes Online Users

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This is a buddy of mine that was harrassed.

"I know exactly where you f---ing live. E-mail me again and see what happens to your little b---- a--," the accused bully said in the message.

This guy tracked down the info and previous auctions by my buddy. One of which lead to his Toyota Truck page and had personall info on it, which also linked to his photo albums page.

The guy threatned his daughter who was home alone, which in and of itself is scary when you do not know where these people you are dealing with really live.

He also contacted eBay to see if they could not boot the guy from their service since he has also "allegedly" threatned to hurt and kill others. It's funny they say allegedly when they have the guys voice recorded saying things. eBay said their was nothing they could do since the threats came over the phone and not technically through their service.


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    Very unsurprising. Past experience shows that ebay cares very little about the people that use their site. There is a huge number of fraudulent transactions happening there all the time and they do not bother to sort their systems out.
    Case in point - I was contacted through their system and advised an item had been relisted. Unfortunately I was busy at work with a server meltdown and my mind was more on my clients problems and not following up this message thoroughly - shoot, it came from That cost me several thousand dollars and the response fronm ebay was basically 'tough luck dude'. As far as I could see they did not even figure out how their system had been compromised as similar frauds ran for several months after that and my investigations showed that it had been happenening for a while prior to me getting nailed. As a responsible organisation they should have had a very prominent warning on their login page advising members of the problem - unfortunately they do not really seem to care.
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    I must agree with you on this, ebay themselves are almost bullies! They run things blind to the law. I have used ebay for years and still do. I recently bought an item from ebay (4GB "sony" memory pen) and it turned out to be dead and I was told by the seller contact sony. After contacting sony I found out the item was a fake, sony dont make 4GB usb pens for starters! I took the matter up with ebay who said that they arent responsible for people selling illegal items on item and I should resolve the dispute with the seller.
    After finding out the postal address for the Director of Ebay I wrote and faxed a personal letter of complaint. What happend nothing! I got abuse from the seller saying that ebay contacted him saying I was making allegations! well I finally had enough and took the pen with a written statement to trading standards department who then arrested the man in question and a refund and apology from ebay! The seller well hes obviously a free man as he is still selling these items on ebay and for a while sent me abusive emails about the matter!
    Ebays answer we dont get involved in non ebay related disputes!
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    hahah keatron....that was funny! :D
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    Making a threat against someones life is illegal, so the law should be stepping in somewhere, especially with this dummies criminal record. I'd like to see him try to beat me up.
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    Yea, same here. I've ran into an e-bay bully before. I threatened back and never heard from him again.
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    From the on the other side of the sales counter:

    I used to sell used books though a zShop on You would not believe the number of solicitations I received from people in small countries trying to talk me into sending them free books. I only sent one gratis, the Media Mail shipping cost more than the book was worth, and it probably took 6-8 weeks to get there.

    I was never ripped-off by a customer, but I did foolishly take personal checks. It was an interesting e-business experience.
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