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Just curious in how long do some of you stay with the same job/title and/or the same employer? Especially now a days with the economy & job prospects being the way it is.


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    It depends on some main factors such as how much I enjoy the company culture, pay raises/bonuses, and career growth. These are a few factors that come into play in determining how long I stay at a company be it 1-2 years or longer.

    In general it's different per job how fast I advance or if I seek new challenges where I decide to move on. ;)
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    I stayed at the same employer for 7 years, and wouldn't have left if they didn't outsource our organization.

    I had three titles. Help Desk Level I, Help Desk Level II and Event Coordinator over those 7 years...

    I didn't seek new work because of the criteria you mentioned. Needless to say, huge regret. Once they told us about the outsourcing, I started working hard, got my passion back, and have a new job I love. Pays a little less, but my continuing quest for learning now hopefully will offset that

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    Other than the trivial Level 1 or Level 2 jobs the maturity at any position before you are supposed to get promoted is 24 months (2 years). This time allows you to complete the required on-the-job training and master the work with enough skills to mentor new people coming into that same role. So after two years if there is an opening at the next level in your department you should be moving on to it comfortably.

    If you are not able to do that then move on to another company of similar configuration. This means if you used to work for a Managed Services Provider as a Network Analyst II and you did not get promoted to Network Analyst III, then move on to an Analyst III position at another Managed Services Provider. This is because similar companies adhere to the same standards and usually have the same business processes. best of luck hunting.

    I say all this of course with all things being equal. Assuming you have matched your tenure at the job with the recommended education/training advancements (you can easily find on this board) and you do not have any disciplinary actions being made against you.
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    kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    I was at a job for 4 years and honestly if they would of given raises and ability to move up easier I would have stayed as the company was a good company with good benefits but they wouldn't let me do my passion and put me in a role I didn't enjoy.

    There are people that were there (and still are) for 19 years now and I am sure will stay until retirement.

    I am hoping wherever I end up next is a place that I want to stay for another 5 if not more.
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    xenodamusxenodamus Member Posts: 758
    I'll stay put for as long as it's beneficial to me and my career goals. I changed positions about once per year for 3 years to reach the point I'm at. However, I could see staying in my current position for 5+ years due to the variety of technology I get to work with.
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