Writing the Exam tomorrow morning 8AM

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Hi Everyone: I'm not excited at all but I'm writing the exam tomorrow morning 8AM. I have been in the field of Security (Operations and Security analyst) for over six years now and I studied CISSP for about a month now. To be honest I really don't feel ready. I used only the CISSP CBK third edition, practice questions from cccure and the ones from the CBK. I also used a little tiny bit from Shon's book. I'll let you know how I do. Cheers!


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    Good luck! I'm sure you will do great.
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    Good Luck! Not as hard as they make it out to be!
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    Hi Everyone: Well the results are in and I failed with a 684 icon_sad.gif My experience with the exam is as follows. The exam is not actually hard, the hard part is reading the question and trying to figure out what domain the question belongs to and giving the best answer. The domains I work with were my strongest since I could place my experience with the question and answer it. Everything else I kinda knew and it showed in my results. If you know what domains you lack in doing practice questions will not help you. Practice questions from any source will not help you. You need to read the domains, experience the domains, and understand that each domain has a good way and a bad way. Key Objectives that will guide you to study harder is by using the CIB pdf from ISC2. I feel depressed, so I'm going to take a break for a week and go at this again. 30 days waiting period...
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    Sorry to hear that buddy...Sounds like you understand where you can improve and have a solid game plan. Enjoy this week off, gather your thoughts and pass on the next try :)
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    palidor53 wrote: »
    ...the hard part is reading the question and trying to figure out what domain the question belongs to...
    palidor53, this is not part of the CISSP exam-taking tactics. It is not necessary to know what CISSP CBK domain an exam item belongs to answer it. In fact, many exam items will naturally contain information from two or more domains, so it's really not helpful. You got very close to passing. Just concentrate on studying your three worst domains (as shown on your exam printout) and you'll pass on your second try. icon_thumright.gif
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    Although I have not myself taken the exam yet, I do agree with JDMurrays advice. You are very close and almost there. Study your weakest domains in the next 30 days and pass it! Good luck!
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