firewall not working on gns3

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Hello Guys,
i was practicing firewall filters on olive/gns3
and it doesn't see to work
i created a firewall filter to block certain traffic but with no joy so i modified it to deny any to test and still all traffic is passing
also from (sh int filters) the filter name is showing unknow

root# run show interfaces filters
Interface Admin Link Proto Input Filter Output Filter
dsc up up
em0 up up
em0.0 up up inet unknown unknown>>>>>>>>>
em1 up up
em2 up up
em3 up up
em4 up up
em5 up up
em5.0 up up inet unknown

root# run show configuration firewall
filter test {
term test {
then {

root# run show configuration interfaces em0
unit 0 {
family inet {
filter {
input test;
output test;

root# run show version
Model: olive
JUNOS Base OS boot [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M/T Common) [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M20/M40) [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Online Documentation [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Voice Services Container package [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Border Gateway Function package [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Services AACL Container package [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Services LL-PDF Container package [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Services Stateful Firewall [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS AppId Services [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS IDP Services [9.6R1.13]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [9.6R1.13]
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