Looking for a good explanation about SNMP

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I'm looking for a good resource, or explanation from some of you, about SNMP, especially MIB and OID.

Is the OID specific of any device? Like a MAC?


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    Basically, an MIB contains a bunch of OID's which are expressed in text or an decimal notated group of numbers. Then you use snmp gathering software like snmpget and snmpwalk to parse the info to human readable format.

    For example, to query the input speed of an interface you would use the object ifInOctets which has the oid of and is found in the mib IF-MIB,

    Cisco SNMP Object Navigator
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    How do I know which OID I need to use? I'm interested on UPS charge.
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    Who is the manufacturer of the ups?
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    NetMan 101 plus I think.
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    Their mib is available here. You'll need some sort of mib browser to view the oid's available.Netman 101 and 102 plus - Support
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    I would check out the Solarwinds training and free certification on this thread: http://www.techexams.net/forums/general-certification/94746-free-reduced-certifications-free-reduced-training.html

    It would probably cover a good overview of SNMP. I haven't gone through all of the training yet but it's a good summary so far.
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    Ok, finally I understand all theses things of mibs and oids.
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