Passed OS!! A+ Certified

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Passed OS today with a not so spectacular 654. Passed Hardware last Saturday with 718. Thankfully it's over. I struggled with the OS a bit. I don't think I had more the 3 questions on XP or MS 2000--what gives? Good thing I installed the old VM with 95, 98, and NT or I would have been screwed.

Well, these last two weeks sucked. I forced myself to study long and hard my giving myself a week to study for each exam. Those Mike Meyers books were a big help along with the technotes. I definitely learned a lot of new stuff which is a big help for my career as well.

Thanks to everyone on this site and all the great resources--Network+ is next!!



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    Congratulations on your new certification!

    Best wishes moving forward with your NET+ :)

    Don't forget the NET+ Technotes! Follow the link on the left-hand side of the screen. They are awesome!
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    Thanks, will check it out.
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    Sweet! Yeah! :D

    Now let's go celebrate! icon_bounce.gif
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    Congrats on achieving A+!
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