Which is harder, 801 or 802?

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This is kind of subjective, but what are all of your opinions? I know the 802 exam has a higher pass rate (700) as opposed to 801 (675). Why would either one be easier or harder?


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    Hands down, the 801 was harder for me. The 802 I flew through it and scored higher.

    The 802 might be considered easier if you have spent time playing with computers, wireless devices, printers etc...no matter what term comptia uses to describe something you know what you are doing on the 802. The 801 has some stuff on it that has many names, but only one right name according to the syllabus. I think that's where some people get tripped up.

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    Neither is harder than the other.

    It all comes down to how much experience you have with the material and if you work with the material with ease daily, you should have equal success with your exams. Personally, I enjoy hardware, and therefore found and find hardware related topics more enjoyable, but I do not struggle with software, simply enjoy the hardware aspect.

    Similarly, if you enjoy OS items or Hardware, you may find that portion of the exam 'easy' but more likely it will be simply something you rather enjoy, not as much as fund easy or difficult.

    Download the objectives, and be familiar with the topics on them. You will do just fine.
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