Renewing Security+ (Expires in 10 months!)

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My Security+ expires in December 2014. I kept putting off signing up for the CompTIA continual education program. Now I realize I should have done it sooner! Is it too late now?

Any recommendations on the easiest/quickest way to renew? I don't mind attending webinars/seminars etc. but I can only do those after 6PM weekdays and weekends. I believe they usually run during the day on weekdays tho?

I plan to get some certs this year, probably something in linux/unix and most likely the CCNA. Want to get into cyber security down the road, really need to get out of my Desktop Support/Sys admin position as there is no challenge.

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    Bump! Anyone?

    Guess I will most likely have to just re-take the test again end of the year. Seems like it would be easier that way/less effort.
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    How about renewing your Security+ by attaining the SSCP (, the precursor to the CISSP. From what I've read it's just a slightly more in depth Security+, should be well within reach after a months study if you've already got Sec+.
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    It's never too late to pay for the CE. You can add any training or certifications related to security back to the day you certified with the Security+. They also will accept college classes if you have taken any for Security.

    Another option would be to get another Security type certification (CEH, CISSP) and if passed, the credits from that cert will keep your Security+ active, however you still need to enroll in the CE program.
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    Personally I am not going to pay CompTIA...mine will expire
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