Using the old Sybex 460 book to study for 461?

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So I have read half of the Cisco press 461 book and it is horrible. I have been trying to build my lab with it but it is missing so much information and commands are actualy missing from some of their configurations. Unfortunatly there are no other books out there except the Sybex 460 book. Would this have the same information in it or has everything changed since then?


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    While not perfect I highly recommend the INE videos by Mark Snow. While he isn't funny entertaining like Jeremy Cioara he covers the information in greater detail.

    Don't use the old books I believe the exams have four year gaps.
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    Use free materials like INE's CCNA Voice streaming video and refer to your book if you need additional reference/clarity on something if you cannot obtain a newer source. Don't study for a retired exam!! :)

    Also find some Voice bloggers, often they'll discuss interesting things that go into more detail than a book that may also help you.
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    If you have the 461 book, I'd highly suggest watching the INE video series, and the book will fill in the gaps to that video series. I just finished the INE videos and I am breezing through the OCG, and finding I am pretty close to passing the "Do I know this?" sections at the beginnings of the chapters I've read so far, so it's just a matter of concreting the information in at this point.

    Good luck!
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    you guys are great. Seems like i will be watching the INE videos. I did look at the first 2 chapters of the 460 book. Even though the information may not be on the exam, I feel like it explained a lot more about how the current phone systems came to be. After that, it probably goes into configurations so i will stop there.

    I feel like the CCENT was so simple because i work with computers and networks all day every day but the Voice exam really does not branch off of anything i am already formiliar with. I just want to make sure that i am getting the overall understanding of the subject.
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    You're going to learn more from doing lab work than you will from anything else. You can cover a surprising number of topics with nothing more than GNS3, a CUCM iso, and softphones on your computer.
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