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I just passed my A+ today and I am going to schedule the Network+ exam. I don't want to give myself too much time to schedule the the exam. I am thinking about scheduling it for the first week in December. As far as the A+ exam, I aced all the networking questions and was able to get a lot of networking experience setting up the network where I work. Another good thing is that I have many practice exams that I can use for Network+ that are the same as the ones I used for A+, and those really helped out a lot.

1) Is three weeks long enough to study all the material and be comfortable with taking the exam? I gave myself a week each for both A+ exams and I did ok.

2) What is the best book(s) preparing for Network+?

3) Relatively speaking is Network+ tougher than A+?



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    Congrats on your A+!

    I would say:

    1) Depends how long you can devote to study each day, along with a multitude of other factors but, if it's less than 1-2 hours per day, i'd say 3 weeks might be a little tight, but everyone's different.

    2) I like the Mike Myers book, it seems to be a very popular one generally, it can take quite a while to wade through though.

    3) Haven't done A+ so can't say!!! I'm sure people will be along soon and post on this for ya

    Good luck with it! It's a nice cert!
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    If you feel comfortable enough with your networking concepts, and you give yourself enough time to study, three weeks should be enough. Just make sure to take the practice exams. If you don't feel like you're scoring high enough, or you don't think you're ready, just call the testing center and reschedule the exam for a week or two later.

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