Passed CISSP!

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I'm reading postings on this forum from last 10 months and want to thank everyone for sharing their CISSP experience. Like everyone said, CISSP is one of the most difficult and tricky exams and reading people's experience really helped me in preparing for it. Regarding my preparation:

1) I spent last 4 months preparing for the exam with first 3 months on and off on it and studying at-least 3 hours everyday in the last month.

2) I read Shon Harris AIO 6th edition cover to cover and really liked it. I know some people will not agree with me and yes this book is wordy but I felt this book was easy read and it really helped me in understanding the details of all the domains. I'm working in security industry from last 6 years and have experience in most of the domains but this book gave me more knowledge about these domains.

3) In addition, in last 2 weeks I started listening to Shon Harris MP3 while working out or running or driving to work. I didn't get much time to listen to all the domains but really liked the domains that I was able to listen like Crypto, Telecommunication, Access Control. These MP3 are good for review but surely you must read chapter from the book 1st.

4) From exam practice, I took quizzes at the end of AIO book chapters and also gave the exam in the book. I had CCCure account but started using it when I had only 20 days left before expiration. I used it extensively for 20 days.


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