GCIA harder than GCIH? GAWPT after GPEN? GIAC Advisory Board?

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Hi,Sorry for the double post - the browser in the VM fell over and it posted the message again.icon_redface.gif I have three queries and would appreciate any input you might have on the three issues:1) I am studying for the GCIA exam and I was wondering what is the opinion of those sat both exams - is the GCIA is more difficult than GCIH? 2) Is GAWPT the best option after GPEN? I am trying to get more knowledge on penetration testing but I am also keen on wireless security so GWAN is another option I could try. Any advice?3) I got 90% for GCIH so I was wondering if that means that I could get access to Advisory Board mailing lists. Is it an average of all your certifications or just the one that needs to be 90% or better (my GSEC was 89% while GCUX was only 85%)?Many Thanks,Mike icon_study.gificon_study.gif


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    I can only address 3. Just one score needs to be above 90% as far as I know. I joined after my GCIA but I haven't taken GCIH (yet-hopefully).
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    1. GCIA vs. GCIH..... Depends on your experience. I found the GCIH way easier than the GCIA. My background is more towards incident handling so it felt easier to me. 3. Dover is correct, it's your score on the test you are sitting for that will get you onto the Advisory Board.
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    GCIA is considered one of the harder of the GIAC exams and I found it quite a bit harder then the GCIH. My score was still fine but the GCIA forces you to become a packet ninja.

    As far as whats best for after then GPEN, completely depends on what you're interested in and what you want to do. The 542 is similar to the 560 (not in duplicate content) but in that it provides a good overview of subject. I learned a lot of good stuff in the 617 too but it's very detail oriented. Instead of just quickly explaining a topic the 617 spends half a day down in the weeds showing step by step whats going on. Not a bad thing, it's just what the class is.
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