what does it mean?

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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help, Im currently debugging PPP on a customer router and sending the logs to be stored on the cisco flash. It seems that every log file, has a page of debug out put then all of a sudden its says then following:


Ive never seen this before, and was wondering if anyone knows what this means??

I have changed log file size, different debugs and i always seem to get this message followed by lots of blank pages.

Anyone seen this before??


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    Could you possibly running out of space on your flash?
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  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Member Posts: 241
    I thought this at first, but i have checked and it seems fine, also logging will still create a new flash file, and 9 times out of 10 after the blank pages there is normally more snip-ets of debug output further down. so i doubt its that.
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    So this is what you get after viewing the log file after you have specified a save location in the flash?
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  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Member Posts: 241
    Whilst viewing the log file.

    So commands are:

    * more flash:PPP-DEB/log_20140211-134350

    result =

    001117: Feb 11 14:39:46.789 UTC: Vi2 LCP-FS: Received id 227, sent id 227, line up
    001118: Feb 11 14:39:56.785 UTC: Vi2 LCP: O ECHOREQ [Open] id 228 len 12 magic 0x31BEA811
    001119: Feb 11 14:39:56.805 UTC: Vi2 LCP-FS: I ECHOREP [Open] id 228 len 12 magic 0x6D487025
    001120: Feb 11 14:39:56.805 UTC: Vi2 LCP-FS: Received id 228, sent id 228, line up

    (and thats it, just blank pages - maybe a few more random characters to follow but that's it).

  • Dieg0MDieg0M Member Posts: 861
    Have you tried reformating/replacing the flash card? It looks to me like a defective/corrupt flash card.
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  • DANMOH009DANMOH009 Member Posts: 241
    Thanks Diego, im am currently trying the same thing on a similar router. I am going to check the output on that and if that is fine, I'll try replacing flash.
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