Preparing for CISSP - 3/8

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I am attending the TrainingCamp CISSP BootCamp 3/3-3/8 and curious on people's thoughts. My background is heavily on Cisco as I'm a Sr. Network Engineer (15 years) and just looking to pursue the CISSP. I currently hold CCNA / CCDA / CCNP Certs so I'm somewhat familiar with Testing and re-certifications as I've re-certified since 2002 in Cisco. I am 25 days out of my BootCamp and looking to gather information to prepare for the course. I have the Shon Harris AIO (5th Edition) already and curious on other study materials that will prepare for a successful week / test.



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    IMO You should pick up the 6th edition of the SHon Harris Book if you really want to use her book. No point in using an older edition. Secondly I am using the Harris AIO book as a paper weight. I am using the Conrad book and its more than sufficient however I do use the End of Chapter questions in the AIO book because its more challenging. I have 10 years of Systems Administration/Info security experience.
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    I second what Meat said. I ended up using the Conrad Study Guide and 11th hour, and used Shon Harris just for the end of chapter summary.
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    Thanks for the replies. I just had the 5th edition from a while back. I will pursue Conrad for study materials and hope that along w/ experience + Bootcamp in March will get me by. Thanks again
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    And what about Michael Gregg-CISSP Exam Cram, has anyone used it, please share the feedback because one of my friend is recommending it. I am already working on ERIC study guide and 11th Hour. Please help...
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    I have never read that book so I can't comment on it specifically but having multiple sources to read and study from is the way to go. Also, since everyone learns differently, some like the AIO book and some don't, I would suggest to read and study from any and all material you can get your hands on.
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    Initial Bootcamp was cancelled and rescheduled / completed it 5/5-5/10. Sat for exam and FAILED on first attempt on. 5/10. Bootcamp was awesome but test was difficult to say the least. I will regroup and retake in a couple of months.
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    What was your final mark? Which domains did you find the most difficult?
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    Bcp/drp got at least 50 questions on exam- bad wording,Gregg book is good for reference.I used ccure paid version (85-90%) ,Conrad books ,GISP from GIAC - passed first,most close questions to cissp.
    passed yesterday Cissp
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