Studying all over the place

rockstar81rockstar81 Member Posts: 151
I completed my mcsa 2012 course last summer and since then I have been all over place study wise. I have been watching cbt nuggets videos doing bit of Cisco,mcse, vmware, citrix etc - am I spreading myself to thin. I guess my goal is to fill in the gaps and get a working knowledge on how all these systems work together. I also want to be multi skilled but I think I may end up spinning my wheels a bit which jumping from course to course - any advice, study tips?


  • ande0255ande0255 Banned Posts: 1,178
    I bring my study materials with me everywhere, what I can manage to tote along with me. I was the coolest guy at Leann Chin on my lunch break today reading through my CCNA Voice OCG and jotting notes more than I was eating :)
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    I currently work two jobs, 56 hours a week, non-IT related. I bring my study guides to read on my lunch/dinner breaks, and spend the evenings watching Professor Messer, and checking this forum.
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