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I am scheduled to take 802 on Thursday and I am kinda freaking out. I passed 801 with a pretty nice score, but I had horrible test anxiety. Now that I am scheduled for 802 it's even worse. I am already freaking out. Especially about the simulations. Any pointers on what I should focus on? I am trying to think of all possibilities for the simulations, but haven't come up with many so far.


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    I've found that testing in the early morning cuts down my anxiety levels for exams, as I am too tired to get myself all worked up, and I share your anxiety. My CCNA attempt my hands were trembling, beads of sweat rolling off my head, I mean TERRIBLE anxiety!

    Well, every attempt except my last, the last attempt was early morning so I didn't have all day to work myself into a nuclear meltdown of anxiety.

    Good luck!!
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    I suspect you would not have schedule the exam unless you were ready. Get some rest, do a little light review. At this point you know it or you do not.

    If you are finding you truly do on the know it, reschedule your exam while you have time, but it recommend against the rescheduling of an exam...just putting off the inevidable.
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    From what I've heard one this forum, 801 is the more difficult of the two A+ exams. Since you did well on that one, I'm betting you will do even better on 802. Go get 'em!!! icon_thumright.gif
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    I passed!! 821/900. Simulations were a little tricky (I did blank on those). But instead of stressing I just marked them and went back after I was done with the rest of the test. Thanks for the help!
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