DHCP Snooping - Benefits

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I mates,

I'm currently preparing for CCNP Switch exam, it will be the 1st step for CCNP.

I'm a little confused about DHCP Snooping. I tried to configure it at home and it was a nightmare.

My lab is pretty simple:
- 2 switches 3550
- 1 2960

There is 1 3550 working as DHCP server for VLAN 2, so I decided to enable DHCP snooping on the remaining 3550 since my 3 switches are connected in a triangle fashion.

When I enabled DHCP Snooping on the remaining 3550 (not the DHCP server), there was a lot of messages about INVALID ARP. I guess was because I enabled ARP inspection dynamic too. So, my doubts are:
- Where should I enable DHCP snooping ? in all switches including the DHCP server switch ?
- Where should I enable IP SOURCE GUARD ? it should be enable in the DHCP server switch too ?
- Where should I enable ARP INSPECTION ? it should be enable in the DHCP server switch too ?

Thanks for your help guys.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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