SelfStudy for CASP

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Hi People

As I’m preparing myself for the CASP exam I have some question on which material to use for passing the exam, that some of you might answer.

I have access to the two selfstudy guides from Sybex & Mc Graw Hill, which I can read people have different meanings of on this forum, so for passing what could/should you add beside these two books? Will the books be enough or What about test exams?

Which could be recommended – I have seen some from ********, ************** and passguide – but are they any good?

The thing that I'm a bit nervous about is the simulation question, as someone in here wrote “Know how to configure a cisco router”, so how much network configuration are we talking about . How deep should you go? Are this basic configuration about setting up an ACL (Commands) or is this a drag and drop thing?

Are there any of the above test engines that would prepare you for the simulation questions and in general prepare you for the CASP exam?

Regards Toni


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