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Afternoon all its been a while since I had logged in. I had a question about this, if I want to go into computer forensics as a broke college student(no job thank god I have no loans because of a scholarship) what would be the best route, I know there was a discussion about the Mile2 CDFE about how valid it is. The reason why I bring up Mile2 is because it is cheap for the exam and the kit to buy ($600 for the exam and electronic kit total) as compared to the CHFI(1599 atm) granted both of them are within the amount of money I have saved up to go for one of them the question is which one should I get (Mile2 or EC-Council CHFI). Also if it helps I already took a college digital forensics class. Thanks all and stay warm if your in the North East.

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    I just graduated with a bachelors in computer forensics from Westwood college. Right now a couple of the campuses are closing the program because the jobs are extremely difficult to get into. Not saying you should not get into that degree, but this definitely seems to be a field that you need to work extra hard at in order to get a job. I see so many people with digital/computer forensic degrees going into a IT field that is completely unrelated to security. Even if you were to go the law enforcement route, a PD usually wants you to be a deputy for a few years before allowing you to do forensics in a lab, which is largely speculative since years later they may fill all available slots with someone else. Anyways, as with all jobs it depends on where you live as well, but the job market nation wide seems to be dismal and highly competitive. Good luck in your dreams, and as far as the certs goes, getting a CEH before CHFI is the norm.
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