Just lost my A+ Cert.... Expired...

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When I took my Sec+ exam a few years ago, they moved my A+ cert to the new CE requirements, too. So, when it expired, they also expired my A+ cert. I passed the A+ 15 years ago. It doesn't really matter, because the experience will trump that cert any day of the week (20 years this year). But, I don't like CompTIA's CE style of doing things now. Especially for such an entry level certification. I'm not going to retake the exam, as I've gone way past the reason to get it.

Anyone else lose theirs, too? Sucks, but I guess that's the way CompTIA is moving.


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    I don't think you lost much... a 15 year old A+ certificate is not worth a tremendous amount these days.
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    Just about any other certification you take renews the A+. It doesn't even have to be a CompTIA cert. However, you do have to pay the CE fee.
    The Sec+ is a bit harder to renew however.

    I didn't take any of my CompTIAs before they implemented the CE program, so to me personally, it doesn't seem like much of a big deal (because I never had the choice to do otherwise). I just see it as yet another excuse to continue certifying and progressing.
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    Yea, it definitely doesn't matter much at all. Old, outdated, and experience has well covered it. But, it was nice to have it there.

    I also looked it up. You do have to pay annually for CE maintenance or whatever if you use experience/college credits, etc.. Either way, they are getting more money. That's all it seems like to me. If they required re-certs every x years, I'd be fine. But, the other costs don't make it look too great. I think I am done with CompTIA for the time being.
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    This is an interesting topic. I have my A+ from 11 years ago and was considering taking the Security+ this summer. So if I do this then my A+ will be moved to the new format and require a maintenance fee?

    That silly rule might be reason enough to skip the exam.
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