Pushing MUSA remotely problem

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Hey all. I'm trying to push a Microsoft Update Standalone Package to several remote computers via PSEXEC. I am getting return error code "15105". I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this error? Below is the command that I am running. Thanks!

psexec @ip.txt -c -f -h wusa "patch here" -i /quiet /norestart
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  • RìpshotRìpshot ■□□□□□□□□□ Posts: 14Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Is this related to an access or privilege error? SharePoint Foundation: Error when performing a Farm Backup

    Their fix was to allow Full Control to the directory.

    Stupid question, are you runing PSEXEC with elevated privileges, and have access to that directory of wsus or where the files are located?

    I can't comment on the syntax.
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    Hi, Im not familiar with the syntax.

    However, just some ideas to think about. Are you running PSEXEC in privileged mode? Do you have both full control access to the root of where the package is and the remote machines folder location? Can you remote to the machine at all?
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    As ripshot mentioned i am not seeing any passing of username /password in the syntax so I am assuming it is trying to use your credentials on the existing machine. Assuming a domain is in place is your account high enough to execute the commands on the remote machine? It looks like you can pass a user name and password based on the writeup they have on the tool at the systernals site.

    Usage: psexec [\\computer[,computer2[,...] | @file]][-u user [-p psswd][-n s][-r servicename][-h][-l][-s|-e][-x][-i session]][-c [-f|-v]][-w directory][-d][-][-a n,n,...] cmd [arguments]

    Also looking over the syntax again you probably want to pass along the -h parameter so that it runs with the elevated permission on the remote machine.
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