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Hey all, I've been lurking around for a while due to the great resources linked here. I thought I was prepared to take the exam but apparently I wasn't; I got a 595. The after evaluation sheet stated that I did pretty bad in "Configure Server Roles and features" Ive read the technet articles linked in the sticky, watched CBT Nuggets (this wasn't the r2 version), and the Prepress Exam Ref(also not the r2 version)~didn't find this very helpful to be honest. In my lab I've only really set up DC, DNS, and File Servers. My real questions are:

Are there noticable differences in this area between 2012 and 2012 r2?
What is the best way to lab for this area? Is it just build and destroy countless servers?
What other resources would you all recommend to study before I retake?


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    for labs - I like something a bit more directed. I used the Training Guide that went with the Exam Ref. I found the pair to be complementary. The Exam Ref gives you almost nothing to lab but decent detail (without much visual reference on a machine). The Training Guide gives you good labs to work that make sense after you do the reading in the Exam Ref.
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