Planning Switch Study Prep (need suggestions)

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First off I know what books I want to use. I simply am looking limit that to two. So, this is not your cleche thread asking what resources to use rather what books from the 3 I have planned is best.

Also don't worry about mentioning video content, this is simply for the books! (I have INE and CBT nuggets already sitting pretty on my hdd on my home pc ) icon_wink.gif

With that said, like route there are 3 major options:

* Simplified

I fully plan on getting simplified due to the wonderful resource it was for my Route studies so that one can already be considered as checked off. Basically it's between the 2 Cisco Press Books. I want to say that I've heard that switch is opposite to Route and that the OCG book tends to be the better one and the FLG for Switch is kind of lacking.

I want to use two book resources for my reading studies so... which one do you suggest? OCG or FLG? I'd love to get some feeback from people that have taken switch / read these books / passed the tests.

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    If you need an endorsement on the FLG, pull it up on Amazon... From that list, the choice is easy, ditch the FLG.

    I've read the OCG and am almost through the simplified book. I didn't think OCG was bad, but it tended to lose me at times, QoS was definitely one of them. The simplified book starts out strong and you will notice it covers things that the OCG does not almost immediately. I also really like the labs in the simplified book. Actually I like just about everything about the simplified book, besides it's awkward size.

    As a side note, the OCG has an Appendix B in pdf format that you can download from the authors website. It covers a few extra topics that were added to the exam after the book was published. Whichever route you go, you'll probably want to check that out anyway.
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    OCG and Simplified are the books that I used.
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