Took 70-687 8.1 exam today and failed



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    I took 70-687 again last week and i failed again...

    and i was using Quizlet and Pluralsight to revise from...

    I don't know what to do about this now... I don't know another way for me to learn...

    Awww sorry to hear that SelimToruko. I think the saying “Don’t get mad, get even”, comes to mind here. Don’t give up okay, your persistence will pay off soon I promise. Any idea which section had stumped you? Perhaps looking over those areas might be a way to work out what went wrong.

    Perhaps it might be ideal for you to make a virtual machine to play with. If you get some virtualisation software like Client Hyper-v (which you can get if you use Windows 8 Pro) or Virtual box (which you can get for just about any OS), you could then get a trial of Windows 8.1 Enterprise from Microsoft’s website to use while you study. I think it’s a 90 day trial but if you need it for longer, you could just recreate the machine once the trial expires. Then as you are following along with the Pluralsight videos, you can implement what you have been taught on your machine and learn it that way.

    You might also want to try CBT Nuggets for a bit too, I know you said in your last post that CBT Nuggets are expensive but perhaps you could just get a free trial and look over the videos on there for a week or two to go over the topics that are an issue for you. On CBT Nuggets, they covered the course twice; once for the regular version of Windows 8 (just like Pluralsight does) and again to cover the 8.1 content and the two versions are covered by two different trainers so you can have it explained by two different people if you watch them both. James Conrad (the guy who covers the Windows 8 course) is very good at explaining things and does a fair few demonstrations to help you along. The Windows 8.1 course on there is also worth a look though because it covers all the new content that is now a part of the exams (such as assigned access, broadband tethering ect) which I don’t think is included in the Pluralsight videos so that will probably help you as well. I’d get a free trial and see if you can watch them both, you might find that hearing certain topics explained by somebody else can make a world of difference.

    Don’t forget about Technet as well, it can be a bit overwhelming due to the amount of information there but everything is covered there in great detail so that is always worth a look, especially if you learn better by reading through things. You can find everything on there, every Powershell cmdlet and just about every Windows technology you can imagine - Its definitely worth a look!

    Hopefully things will work out better the next time around. Let us know how you get on.

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    I barely squeaked by with 687 and working on 688. I really want to do much better, and know that 688 is harder. I relied too much on one book and it really hurt me.

    go here ( and get the evaluation version of window 8.1 enterprise and Server 2012. I am using Virtualbox on a Windows 7 machine to build a small lab, but it would be better to run 8.1 and use hyper-V.

    I also used the windows 8.1 to dual boot my machine and load it from a vhd.

    I think you really need to get hands on with both of these exams, as I read everything I could find, but the virtual lab work and actually working with the software made a real difference.

    Best of luck, hang in there.
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    I took it a couple days ago. I am glad I can use the Second Shot, will re-take June 20.
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