Move Linux server to XenServer Host


want to look into moving a physical Linux server to virtual on xenserver host.

If I boot with the xenserver CD on the physical Linux box to convert an existing OS on this machine to a VM, will this create a single file/image and leave the original setup of physical server unchanged (or does it modify the existing setup on the physical server).



  • KenCKenC Member Posts: 131
    Looking further into this, it seems this is no longer the method used, so what have people been doing in it's place (to move their physical Linux server to VM on xenserver). Thanks.
  • jsojso Member Posts: 61 ■■□□□□□□□□
    p2v is a fun thing. But I'm curious why you don't rebuild it and update it at the same time. I assume you only have 1 server?
  • KenCKenC Member Posts: 131
    I want to move from one physical Linux server machine to another one. The old server was not set up by myself and the people who did have left the company. So there are many web services, databases which use a lot of scripts that have been set up by many different people over time. The new server is blank. So I am exploring my options and looking for the "cleanest" way of migrating all services from the old(will no longer be used) to the new server. By cleanest approach, I mean minimum downtime with all services functioning fully and correctly on new server. Feel free to advise on what approach you would take.
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