vcenter 5.5 and Server 2012 - Install issue

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Hi All. So I've been having a couple of issues with vCenter.

First, the evaluation ran out so I had to grab the latest update and a new eval off the websites, vCenter 5.5.0-1476387 So I had to rebuild. I first tried running it on S2k8R2 and I ran into a few other issues.

So I decided to install S2012R2, I am able to install Everything that the Simple Install does (through simple install and Manually) except when it comes to installing the directory services for vCenter. The system will hang and not install, I've left it for an hour or so sitting there to install and it unfortunately does not install. I have cancelled and rebuilt the VM again with S2012 and again, no luck.

The MD5 matches, so I am wondering if it might be a build issue, or (for some strange reason) incompatibility with S2012R2??

Does any one have any ideas before I install NT Server?

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