T-48 Hours - What did you do?

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I am currently T-48 hours (2/19 @ 2PM EST) from taking the CISSP test for the first time – and I am nervous as hell. I have been studying from April-July 2013 right after passing Sec+ then took a break (got married in October) then December 2013-Present by reading AIO 6th Ed, taking LOTS of tests from CCCURE (although now mainly all repeat but if I take 250 from all domains I am scoring 90% - not sure if know or from memorization), Sunflower PDF and read once the 11th Hour Book – Any CISSP passers, can you please offer me any LAST MINUTE study recommendations? What did you do in the last 48 hours?


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    Last 48-24 hours - reviewed my weak areas and made sure I had come up with analogies for some of the more difficult / complex material.

    Last 24 hours - I relaxed. At that point, I felt I either knew it and had it or I didn't. No point in stressing about it anymore at this point, relaxing and making sure I had a clear head going into it was the most important thing.

    Test day - Woke up, had a good breakfast and brought a few little snacks with me to put in the locker. Answered all 250 questions, skipped over the ones I wasn't 100% sure on. Took a 10-15 minute break, went back in and knocked out the ones I wasn't sure on. Took me about 2.5 hours for everything, prepped heavily for 3-4 months.

    I think confidence going in is one of the most important things. My mentality was, I just spent X number of months and $600 for this test to take up to 6 hours of my life - I'm not doing this twice. So get in the mindset that you are going to defeat it on the first try, read the entire question (don't infer what they are asking without reading the whole question) and skip anything you don't know right off the bat. Allow yourself to get through the test, see what you have left, then focus your efforts on getting through the ones you weren't sure of.

    Good luck to you!
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    The main problem for me was the length of the exam... I had to sit for 5hr with a short break, that's brutal for me

    Other than that, the day before the exam I just took a test exam from TotalTester (Shon Harris AIO) and called it a day
    On the exam, I had to say to myself "read the whole damn question, don't jump to the end of the text, dammit" over and over again. Pretty straightforward questions on the exam: no double negations, not so verbose questions, bolded words like "NOT", "BEST", etc

    One tip I can give you, think like a manager... and don't focus too much on the technical side or rainbow series (some fellows around here say the question test bank have been updated and the ancient Orange Book was cut off)

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks guys! Now in last 24hrs... In one way I feel prepared, the other I feel a complete loss. I guess that is the exam itself - so hard to gauge if your ready for the exam with so much information.
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    I just focused on the 11th hour, Sunflower PDF and my personal notes. At that point I had done most of the studying I was going to do and was just running through final notes to make sure the stuff I was fuzzy about would stick. Good luck and be sure to let us know how you do!
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    Whew! A hard test, but I passed. Thanks so much - so another question to complete the endorsement where I get my Certificate/ID Number? And how long until you get an e-mail from ISC2? I just got the print out with a candidate ID.
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    I can't answer your questions - but congratulations!
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    Aphire wrote: »
    Whew! A hard test, but I passed. Thanks so much - so another question to complete the endorsement where I get my Certificate/ID Number? And how long until you get an e-mail from ISC2? I just got the print out with a candidate ID.

    You will get the email from (ISC)2 in about 8-10hrs from the time of the exam, so make sure you check your spam folder :)
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    You can also find your membership info by logging into the (ISC)2 members area and clicking on the View My Membership Status button to get a PDF report of your membership info.
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    Congrats on the pass, I heard its a tough exam to pass!
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    congrats on the pass!
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