IAAS data center training and certifications

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I am finishing up my MCSE:EA and will be taking the final exam 70-414 in the next two weeks. This is a requirement of my job. That being said, I want to look at some specialization such as private cloud and specifically multi-tenant scenarios.

My eventual goal is to learn everything that I can about multi-tenant IAAS private clouds. So I am really interested in learning (in the real world) how the fabric for a multi-tenant environment is built. NVGRE, converged networking, backups, etc.

So my question is this. It looks like Microsoft has 3 exams that I can study for to learn the information. The 74-409, and the 70-246/70-247 (with the 247 being likely more valuable) What other exams (microsoft, or otherwise) would help me learn how private cloud solutions are configured, built, etc.

One exam that I see is the VCA:Network Virtualization. Does Cisco have some training on Network Virtualization?

Lastly, please note that I am not necessarily looking to rack up a ton of certifications, I am really trying to learn how these technologies work, how the different vendors strategies are similar, dissimilar, and how can those technologies can help organizations of different sizes, etc. If somebody can give me a list of potential certification paths, I can likely extrapolate the information from that.

Thank you in advance
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