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So I recently just wrapped up a 1 year long reporting effort. The reports for the most part have been automated and set up to kick off from SPROCS and other automated solutions. Well now they want me to be the main support person for this system which is C#, CSS, JScript developed front end with SSMS 2012 back end. Most of the incidents are data related and I have a strong grasp of SQL and our database. Is there anything else to look into in your opinion? I'm not familiar with web services and server architecture as much as I should be. I am not all that hot with development either. Any ideas or recommendations? This doesn't have to be a certification I am more interested in learning and understanding the environment I am working in? Would ramping up on any particular technology make any sense or is this just sit back and get blasted and learn? icon_lol.gif


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    I personally have slways been a trial by fire kinda guy. I love a challenge and if its unexpected, it adds to to challenge. Just bring it on :D Have fun in the new role.
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    Me too! Don't know why I asked the silly question. icon_lol.gif
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    Nothing wrong with trying to be ahead of the curve. I picked up some Nagios books prior to the install and they proved valuable in a few meetings. Unfortunately, in this case, no guidance on the topic you are working on.
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    Head first C#
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    Thanks for the great replies! The system is developed in-house and specific to our company and industry. I am hoping to get a head of the curve but just wasn't sure it made sense. I need to follow up on my SQL still, it can always get stronger, and my first post made it sound like I am good, I am more average than good :). Head first C# sounds like a good book to go over. Thanks for recommending that!
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