OS exam on 11/18/05

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I am taking the OS exam on Friday. My book covered all OS's pretty good except for NT. Do I need to know NT in great detail? OR is the exam leaning more on Win 2K / XP?


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    Good luck on your OS exam!

    It's hard to predict the type of questions and their quantity that can come
    on the exam. My advice is that find out all you can about NT and that should be enough. I don't think it's a coincidence that your book covered all OS's pretty good except for NT.

    Windows NT is not that flexable an operating system due to the fact that :
    1) it does not support pnp
    2) it does not support FAT32
    3) it does not support ICS
    4) it does not include a device manager
    5) lacks a range of drivers for scanners,sound cards,many desktop components
    and is geared for corporate use so it's not good to use at home for multimedia and gaming
    6) and for many other reasons too long to list

    So know the differences between the different operating systems 9x, Me ,NT,2000 and XP and whatever else is on the exam objectives.
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    You may wish to obtain a copy to practice with and familiarize yourself with. There are likely trial versions still available. Install, unistall, test the upgarde paths, etc..

    I wouldn't spend as much time with it as XP/2000, but I would get my hands on it, if I've never seen it.
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    Thanks foe the info. I do have some expierence with NT luckliy.
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