PMP far in the future?

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I am 23 and currently studying for my degree in Business, with a focus on IT. I actually work directly with computers as an IT tech for a bank.

In the future, I'd like to eventually have experience in project management. I definitely enjoy my work with computers, but I also want to have more skills than just a tech. With this in

mind, are there any tips for me at this point in my career? Are there any certifications that are a better starting point that would support my eventual path to a PMP? Is it worth letting my supervisor know of my intentions, and seeing if there are any projects I could eventually work on in order to start building up the experience required?

Thank you!


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    Go for ITIL first then for CAPM/PMP.
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    I also had the Project+ recommended to me by a coworker, since I have no experience in Project Management. Is that at all worth getting, or would it still be suggested to start with the ITIL?
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    I would definitely let your supervisor know, and develop a plan for documenting the project management hours beforehand, instead of trying to remember it all afterwards...
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    I do already have everything documented so far. I document it for future resume purposes, and just so I can have hard evidence of what projects I have managed. They are very small things, but they are still project management! :)
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    For project management, better go for PMP and ignore ITIL for now.

    Because ITIL is NOT about how to manage projects, instead it's about the organization's process and how people in different areas work together under the ITIL framework.
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