How to transition to IT project management?

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I currently work at a start up as the lead over web based projects. This basically covers project management and guidance over design, UX, front-end and some backend development, and server setup/admin for websites and a CRM we are currently developing. I have a team under me, local and outsourced, but I also do a lot of hands on work with each project. I'm also about to start leading a team building a CMS.

I've always been interested in the IT side of things and really enjoy being a project lead/managing people and projects. This certainly won't be anytime soon but eventually I would like to go into IT project management. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to pursue this goal. I'm starting to study scrum methodologies and have talked to the CEO about getting certified as a scrum master. I also plan on taking the pmp cert. from what I can tell, those certs plus experience doing project management should cover the "project management" side of things. What about the IT side of things? The start up I work for isn't tiny but we are far from being a large company. Any experience I get working with servers and IT architecture will be on a small scale.

I can build a home lab for learning, pick up quite a bit of knowledge at my current job, and even get some IT certs to make HR happy but I can't possibly imagine that would be enough experience for IT project management. In saying all of that, do I have any options of transitioning into IT project management later on in life? Are there certain thing I can be doing right now in order to gain necessary knowledge and experience?
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