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Studying for the CISSP exam...

All the different crypto algorithms, key sizes, modes, symmetric vs asymmetric, etc has consistently been the hardest material to commit to memory and have it stick. In my present position we just don't deal with it often enough to get real-world context. I've read a couple different editions of the Shon Harris book, taken practice exams, flash cards, etc, but so far crypto remains too abstract for me to retain.

Any tips/strategies from anyone who has had more success than I in the Crypto domain?

many thanks - Jason


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    emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Flash cards were my method. Of course there was no way I retained all that info after the test (that's what the book is for) but I crammed it in anyway and i'm sure it made the difference between pass/fail.
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    Try some different material other than Shon. She's all over the place. I started reading the Darril Gibson book this morning on the train, and was reading the Crypto chapter. I found it ok.

    Write out your own notes if you are not already, I think that is key, and then link them together. Write - don't type. It's just a lot of rather small concepts, they are easier to understand as part of a bigger picture.
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    jasonarobertsjasonaroberts Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Great tips. Really appreciate for the feedback!
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    I also recommend reading some of Eric Conrad's material. He does a great job explaining the cryptography stuff. In order to make it more interesting you might want to check out this documentary: BBC: Code Breakers Bletchley Parks lost Heroes - YouTube and this on Enigma: The Innovation of Cryptology: An Enigma of History - YouTube
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    I would be realistic in terms of what you can actually remember. To begin with I tried to memorize the various key lengths and algorithms but soon realized that this wasn't really practical. It's more important to know the theories and weaknesses in general terms that the individual key sizes etc of the various types of encryption.

    Make sure you know how symmetric and asymmetric cryptography differs, digital signatures and some other concepts - such as Kerchoff's principle and Zero Knowledge Proof and leave the 64/128/226/512 key lengths alone.icon_cool.gif
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