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On average how long did you guys study for the test. Im just looking for an average time frame just to get idea on how long it should take me. I understand that everyone has there own learning speed so of corse i will take that into account. Thank You


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    I have mine booked for April giving myself just over a month of time to study , if not first time i have a second shot voucher for a second attempt before 30th may.
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    is this your first Microsoft test?
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    Depends if you have real word experience in windows server administration , not just working with some third party applications in windows 2012 . I estimate you need about 1 month of study with about 4 hours a day time every day (including weekends) to be sure you pass the exam if you start from 0 aka no windows server administration experience.That would be 30 * 4 =120 hours. If you have some server administration that time can dramatically be reduced considering that the exam is focused on test case scenarios and not theory.

    Also dont be fooled by people that say you can pass the exam from watching videos from any source , you need some prior experience and allot of luck to do what . The main issue with this exam for someone green is that there is no ultimate study material , no source that will guarantee a pass if learned well . The main 2 books and not enough individually and you need to spring some practice , some technet and some videos to strenghten your learning. All this takes much more time then needed if just one good resources (book) was available .

    Tbh i think those 3 exams will be my first and last MS certification. I cant stand that i have to study from 4 sources because not one is decent enough !
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    I agree with the others - budget a month of study time. I crammed to get 70-642 (2008 Network Config) done in just a couple of weeks because my Prometric proctor was going on vacation and I wanted to get it done before the 31 January deadline, but it was rough, and that is supposed to be one of the easier MS exams. I may eventually finish up my 2008 MSCA, and when I do, I will be devoting 3 or 4 weeks to each test.
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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    I am studying for my MCSA Serv 2012 - the resources are far from plenty. I have read from this forum the best resource, sad to say, is Technet. I like using a book to study from, just my style, not reading and digging through technet, just my opinion.

    There is a Ref Exam pack with 410/411/412 coming out Feb 22nd on Amazon, I also purchased the 417 exam reference for my kindle by JC Makin, he has good reviews.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just to add to this thread, I have heard really great things about the book "Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2" by Mark Minasi. It's huge but it covers a lot of info that would be useful for the 411 and 412 too. I too am finding the lack of good resources a bit discerning. There seems to be a lot of basic, introductory resources but nothing besides Technet for advances features. Maybe I just haven't found a good way to use it yet but I have a hard time learning anything from Technet unless I'm actually having the problem it's discussing in my lab. I am taking this exam on Monday with a second shot voucher and if I don't pass, I'll be getting the Minasi book.
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    Im interested in that book but Im trying to figure out what part of the book covers 410 specifically. So roughly a month per test. I personally just graduated with a network admin degree so no work experience but have basic server knowledge.
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