Have you ever let a certification expire?

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I have quite a few CompTIA's most of them don't expire, A+, N+, Server+ however when I got Security + it was after the 201l deadline. The certification expired today, no biggie I just never had this happen before. I need a few to roll off my resume to be honest. Anyway have you ever had an certification expire? If so did you regret it or was it no big deal.


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    I just let me Security+ expire I think. Don't really care as the Comptia certs hold no value for me at this point in my career.
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    Bloogen I agree I am so far from security in my role it's ridiculous. Don't forget to take it off your signature block ;)
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    I'll probably let my CEH, CFHI, CIWs, and Citrix certs expire when they come up. I couldn't care less for them and they offer nothing for my career
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    Iris you are going to miss those CIW's!
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    Come on Iris, you know that CIQ got you where you are today. LOL!

    Since my drive for Cisco faded a while back I will most likely let my CCENT lapse next year.
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    On second thought, renewing the CompTIA certs may be easier than finding every trace of the cert online and having to remove it. :)

    We should do a cost/benefit analysis.
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    icon_lol.gif @ Bloogen Come on now get it off your title! You no longer know anything about security :)
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    I removed them all, just cause! I hope your happy.icon_sad.gif
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    :) I was only joking!
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    I let my CCNA expire last year. Work wouldn't cover the recert since it's not in my job description OR my real duties, and I just couldn't justify the cost to renew it.
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    My Net+ expired on Saturday. It was fun while it lasted. My A+ is Lifetime.
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    My old CCNA expired years ago. I had to do it again for school though recently.
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    A+, Security+, Linux+ and Network+ 4 life!

    Not that it will ever go on my resume again....
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    I keep my Security+ on my resume for nostalgia... Its my first certification I ever got. I decided against enrolling in the "CE" Sec+ when offered but if I had the Sec+ CE, I would keep it updated.

    Never know when some company somewhere will have "Sec+" listed as a requirement, either as something HR is looking for or something they are looking for for compliance (like DOD 8570). If HR is looking for Sec+ they're not going to see the CISSP as a higher cert and if the its a compliance thing... Well the "approved" certs can get awfully specific.

    I wouldn't go out of my way to keep it active but I am already tracking CPE's for my CISSP so it wouldn't have been that big of a deal to keep it updated. Going out of the way to keep it active depends on what value that certificate holds for you now and in the future. For me, the Sec+ will never get to a point where it holds no value for the above reasons. Something like Net+ (if I had it) or any of the CIW certs I have... Well those I would have no issue allowing to expire.
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    As far as IT, if I ever pick up a Cisco cert or MCSE, I might not have huge incentive to keep them current unless an employer requires it. I just consider them knowledge boluses to learn all the material, pass the exam(s) to prove basic comprehension, then apply it to the real world enterprise.
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    I'm not sure I'm going to renew my CCNA, unless I work for another place that is primarily Cisco IOS/IOS X. Currently we are moving more and more to Meraki. I'll probably do the CCDA just to renew to the CCNA. The networking knowledge has been very helpful, but Cisco-centric knowledge, not so much.
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    I let my three CCNAs and WCNA expire a few months ago. I was half-considering maintaining them by re-taking the WCNA exam and the CCNP: Security 642-618 exam, but I just can't make the time for it in my schedule. As an infosec practitioner, I get way more out of vendor-neutral security training and certification than learning appliance-centric material which I can look up for the most part.
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    I let my ccna, ccnp and ccip expire.
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    I think there comes a point where you rack up so many it is hard to maintain all of them, on the other hand not letting any expire is a real challenge.
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    I don't think I have any certs that have an expiration date.. but on my CV, I recently updated it to include the higher level certs like MCITP and advanced Citrix that are still relevant to my job.

    P.S with the VCAP's coming soon :)
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    Thanks for the great replies. I could use to shed a few. What about certifications that are dated, for instance I have the MOS Microsoft Office Specialist exams from 2007. We are in 2014 is there really any point listed those on a resume? We are two generations away from 2007. Thoughts?
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    The way I see it, if any cert, whether it's from 2007 or 2014 is relevant to the job you're applying for then yes, it's worth listing. For example, my MCSA on Windows Server 2003 was relevant a few years back when i was looking for a job... So I listed it.
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    Technically no, but I have taken the A+ and Sec+ back in '07 and '08 respectively just to couple them with my MS exams. I did not intend on renewing them even these were the "for life" ones but the standards on these exams I took have gone way past their prime
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    Pretty sure my CEH and CHFI are going to disappear.
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    I may, repeat MAY renew Security+ simply because I essentially have the ce credits and can just pay a few bucks to get it done. It will depends on if I decide to job hunt around that time and if so what direction I want to head in my career. I don't see it doing me much good, but it certainly won't hurt.

    Cisco stuff is fairly easy to keep current just by making slow, but steady progress in their various tracks. I think I have about 1.5 years until any of mine expire and I will certainly have at least one more test under my belt by then.
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    colemic wrote: »
    Pretty sure my CEH and CHFI are going to disappear.

    Wouldn't have anything to do with recent events and their reputation going down the toilet would it? icon_lol.gif
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    I let the A+ expire this month. Once I got my feet wet I didn't really have a use for the cert, and I didn't see any benefit in spending any money to renew it.
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    I let my CCNA expire in 2004, and never bother to renew it.
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    @JoJo I have been a pretty vocal critic here of EC-Council for quite a while... getting the CEH and CHFI only reinforced my beliefs about them as far as the certs' value, and about the kind of organization they are, and their (IMO) greed and lack of ethical accountability. I did remove them from my linkedin profile though the day of the breach. I absolutely, unequivocally do not want to be associated with them professionally.
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    I let my Novell CNE expire I know, crazy to do it I'm sure that IPX/SPX is the future of networking and that new internet thing.
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