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Edit: Actually I just noticed the UC clustering does not function the same as CM clustering. I'll have to bring up another Unity Cluster and configure the Unity Connection Sites. I've been going over the Networking Guide for Unity Connection but I'm not sure if we are licensed for this.

"We currenlty have a CUCM 9.1 cluster with CM pub/sub, UC pub/sub, and CUP pub/sub. We are going to add another site to this deploy. I've brought up 2 CM subs at that site in the same cluster that will handle call processing and tftp but I'm not sure about the UC part.

After bring up 2 UC subs, is the distributed messaging piece as simple as configuring another hunt group on the CM side and setting up another mailbox store and port group on the UC side?"



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    Since you can only have 2 unity connection servers in a cluster you will have to just add a hunt group like you said. Out of curiosity why are you still using hunt groups when SIP trunks have pretty much taken over for unity connection interrogations. Also to answer your question in better detail I would need the size of your enterprise, how many people at the site and WAN bandwidth speeds and future sites.
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