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I just came across this forum when I was doing some searches regarding CompTIA Cert. due to a groupon discount on training and in turn ended reading up on some of the advice's given here. What I noticed, first off, is how helpful and insightful this forum is! So I hope you all could also shed some light on me too as I am getting a little confused.

So a little background on me before I come to my main point, I am about to complete my BSc in Chemistry, yes Chemistry, and this is currently going to be my last semester. Within the time I have have spent learning about chemistry I have only realized that I don't really enjoy CHM as much as my other friends in the same major. But I was too far in the program that I just could not back out without spending another 3 years in some other program! So I decided to see it to the end. I always knew that I would enjoy working w/ computers but due to family pressures I bottled up my desires and went to do sciences in hopes of being a doctor/pharmacist or something ridiculous. But somehow I found myself working as a programmer! And have decided firmly to switch over to a computer science field! Currently studying I have decided to go for my Masters in Computer Science within the same Univ. ( I am not in the program yet but will be talking with the graduate school advisor this coming week!). My current job title is Student IT Assistant and it mainly revolves around developing web applications using Java/PHP/MySQL and at times working with ASPX/MSSQL/JQUERY and along with that manage Active Directory/install VMWare and setup a server/ trouble shooting hardware related problem and OS issues. SO, that is my background and what I know regarding the IT field and have been doing and enjoying it for the last three years.

And now that I decided to switch fields I would like to make my career as successful as possible within the field. Since I will be jumping straight to MS, I am unsure what emphasis I want to talk about with the advisor currently there are
  1. high performance computing dealing with architecture, networking, parallel, ubiquitous and distributed computing.
  2. intelligent systems dealing with AI, bioinformatics, computer graphics and vision, data mining, and neural networks.
  3. software and information systems (IS) dealing with databases, formal software verification, health care and multimedia IS, software engineering, and services computing.
Which of these have a good job market and employability? And in the mean time what types of certs can I work towards to get a better pay grade in the future because the job I am working currently can only be held by students icon_sad.gif sadly and within a semester or two max I may not be a student at the current university!

So any insight into the IT field would be much appreciated. Thanks! And look forward to being part of the community for a long time :)
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