GSE Multiple Choice - Advice on preparation?

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I am preparing for the GSE Multiple Choice and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to best prepare for it. I have read two blogs (Chris Mohan and Roger's blog) about it but the information goes back a few years so I was wondering if things have changed significantly since then.
The GSE website is not very helpful (I could not find the actual number of questions that need to answered - just that it is a 3 hour exam).
The core GSEC, GCIA and GCIH exams were fine and all the study I have done with SANS has not being a huge challenge but the GSE is the only certification that has me worried. Hence any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

P.S. Why GSE? Because in a remote place like Perth it is the only one of two technical certs that the InfoSec industry recognises. The other one is CREST and not only it is extremely costly but you also have to be part of a company that is CREST accredited (in short, as an individual you cannot get it).


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