I am taking my A+ core exam tommorrow

Jeremy HintonJeremy Hinton Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
and I am stressing about not knowing every little thing, did anyone else feel this way?


  • Jeremy HintonJeremy Hinton Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    also, when I schedule my exam, is it better to take the test early in the morning, or sohuld i wait until afternoon, and cram one last time right before the test!
  • princess4peaceprincess4peace Member Posts: 286
    Best of Luck to you :)
    Knowledge is life
  • ScarletLaceScarletLace Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Good luck on your exam Jeremy!

    As far as studying for your exams go, we all feel like we can always do some more studying to be prepared. The truth is that we can never study enough to feel fully satisfied, we can only come close to feeling that way.

    There is always a topic or two that we feel we can go over some more before the exam. It's very natural to feel this way.What is important is that you try your best and that's enough.

    In regards to when is the best time to do the exam, depends on whether you are a night or morning person. Some people prefer to cram one last time and stay up very late into the night and do the exam in the morning while others like myself prefer to stay up til the latest 12:00 in the night and wake up early between 6am-6:30 to revise one more time before the exam. That way for me ,I won't feel too tired and I get to revise over one last time, the important points that I have summarise since I will be doing the exam in the afternoon.

    It's really up to you what you want.
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