Passed GSEC, giving away free practice test.

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Passed my GSEC yesterday. Scored a lot lower than I would have liked, but a pass is a pass. I only used one practice exam so if anyone wants the second one just leave your email and I'll transfer it over to you.


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Did you take SEC401 or did you challenge the exam? Did the exam live up to your expectations?
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    I went to the class since work pays for it. The class itself was great. I learned more in the class than all my comptia and CEH classes combined. Part of the reason was the instructor had experiences with everything he taught so he could actually relate what he was teaching to his experiences. My experiences weren't that great. I should have prepared more, to be honest I slacked off and only spent about 1 week preparing for the exam. I did the first practice exam without any notes and scored slightly below the passing mark. I indexed after that. First thing I did was sticky tab A-Z the key terms in the back of the final book. Then I indexed three columns with term, book and page number, and short descriptions along with anything I thought they would ask. My index came to be about 20 pages.

    I started the exam doing well, getting about 93% at the 30 question mark. But the test was more of a battle on focus and time management than it was with the material. After a while I started to lose focus and my score started dropping down to the high 70s before I buckled up and raised it to the low 80s.

    My testing center (person vue) wasn't that great. They gave us very little space. The only real space was between the keyboard and me. I placed my books on the desk next to me, but after a few hours I had to move them because someone else came and sat down. They didn't give me any scratch paper and writing material. They said they would be back with it, but they never came back. Lost a lot of time converting numbers in my head.

    All in all better preparation could have gotten me better than an 83. I will start studying now for GCIH exam at the end of April. I have a good idea how I am suppose to index and prepare this time.

    Only real advice I can offer to anyone aside from a good index is know how to analyze packets, tcp, udp, ip headers. I took the hit because it would have taken me too long to figure everything out. Guess over reliance on Wireshark has made me forget how to do it the hard way.
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    Hey byonicbluez, I would really appreciate that practice test. For some reason it won't let me post my email without it considering it spam...could I send it to you in a pm?
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    wow! congrats. is there anyway you can send me the practice test? thanks a lot and again congrats!
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    Congrats, I wouldn't mind getting that practice test also. I left the CEH alone, especially since they've been hacked.
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