Need Help in GREM exam prep.

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I need some guidance about attempting the GREM exam. I will highly appreciate your help in asnwering my following conerns

* Is it possible to pass the GRE exam without attending FOR610 and preparing from PMA book?
* Is the exam more tough on reversing skills or debugging skills?
* The required skills mentioned on GIAC GREM official page (Reverse Engineering Malware Certification: GREM) are very vague. Can anyone please help me know about the actual technical depth we should prepare for to pass the exam? See following

>> Analyzing Protected Executables
What level of packing/anti-debugging/anti-reversing technical knowledge one should have? What popular protection skills the exam asks about?

>> In-Depth Analysis of Malicious Executables
Is that what's covered in Practical Malware Analysis (PMA) book or there is something more advanced then that to expect in exam?

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